PCP filling cylinder
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PCP charging cylinder
PCP charging tank
PCP Air Rifle filling cylinder
PCP Air Pistol filling cylinder

PCP filling cylinder

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Master PCP filling cylinder to fill-up PCP cylinders attached to your Air Rifles and Air Pistols. Cylinder has a longer life as it is used by Scuba drivers for underwater diving and is made of steel.

  • SCBA 6 liters steel bottle for filling PCP Air rifles & Air pistols
  • 300 bar capacity
  • DIN valve
  • Long life capacity
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PCP filling Cylinders are specifically designed for Air Rifle and Air Pistol filling. Its special charging valve enables slow and controlled filling of the cylinders attached to Air Rifle and Air Pistol. Thread on the cylinders outlet valve is standard to support adapters to fit all filling nozzles with a standard thread enabling use with every rifle or pistol. These cylinders are portable and comfortable to carry them to the rifle range or shooting clubs. Cylinders are certified for compliance and use in India.
Long life steel bottle cylinders Used for PCP Air Rifles and Air Pistols SCBA 6 litres Capacity 300 bar DIN valve Fully charged with certification

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PCP filling cylinder

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