Kurt Thune - Shooting shoes
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Kurt Thune shooting shoes front
Kurt Thune shooting shoe
Kurt Thune shooting shoes
Kurt Thune Shooting shoe

Kurt Thune - Shooting shoes

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Kurt Thune brand is used by international shooters. These shooting shoes are manufactured in Finland and are used for 3 position rifle shooting matches. These shoes are imported in 2010 and are 8 years old.

  • These shoes are used for State and National level competitions
  • Bought in 2010 but the condition of these shoes are good
  • Shoe size is 11
  • Used for Air Rifle shooting, prone and for 3 position
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Although these shoes are bought in 2010, they are in good condition. Kurt Thune is a brand from Finland that manufactures shoes and other shooting accessories like shooting jackets, shooting trousers and other stuff.
Size 11 Rifle shooting shoes Imported from Finland Used for Air Rifle and 3 position shooting Good condition

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Kurt Thune - Shooting shoes

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